Having spent the passed few years in Seattle, neither of us was a stranger to the beauty of Pacific Northwest coastlines. Washington is home to many of its own unique and idyllic beaches and natural coastline wonders, however we were completely unprepared for the surprising differences that the Oregon coast had to offer. Emerald and gray limestone cliffs rising up from crashing ocean waves shrouded delicately in a misty fog line the shoreline and provide scenes that seem ever-ready to host the story-line of a Hollywood film.

We made our way along the winding coastal roads and found our first stop at a location known as “Road’s End”, which isn’t too far south of Portland. Here we found an enchanting stretch of shore, dotted with jagged rocks jutting up from the sea foam appearing to stand guard over precious tidal pools and the wondrous flora and fauna that made their homes within. Anemones, starfish, and colorful kelp form tiny ecosystems here, fed life-giving sea-water by the ebb and flow of the tides.

There is a great beginner to mild-level hike nearby as well, known as “The Knoll” whose summit promises panoramic views of the rocky coast, however – as is often the case with the great outdoors – this promise was unfulfilled due to an inundation of fog. Despite lacking the clarity surely available with more sunlight, though, the misty weather did provide an eerie ambiance that felt somehow more befitting of the area.

We stopped at a few more locations on the Oregonian Coast, each with some similarities to the others but never without its respective surprises: minuscule and weather-worn shanties, broken sand-dollars and seashells, and the continuous sound of the waves whispering secrets of the ocean that the mind cannot decode but the spirit understands.

We could easily have spent an eternity uncovering the mysteries on this part of the Pacific, but further adventures await and so, we bid Oregon and her cobalt blue waters farewell… until the next time we should meet.