During our travels across the U.S. we explored many different avenues for securing lodging in each town and city that we stopped. Toward the beginning of our journey, we spent most of our overnights in hotels and motels, but we became particularly disenchanted with going that route after a notably terrible – not to mention over-priced – stay at a gross motel in Fort Bragg. After that stay, we resolved to look into other options and that is how our love affair with Airbnb began.

Our first Airbnb experience was in San Francisco, a notoriously expensive city, where we were fortunate to find decent-priced lodgings at a futuristic hostel through the Airbnb app. After having such a positive interaction with the company and their hosts, we were inspired to continue using their service for the remainder of the trip. This was perhaps the best decision that we made during the whole road trip and I can’t stress enough how pleased we were with each and every place we stayed. Not every location possessed the kind of continental, tech-savvy feel of that original host, but each had its own, individual quirks that added to the trip in a way that no motel/hotel ever could.

The pinnacle of our Airbnb experience (thus far) came in Las Cruces. You can also read more about our adventures in Las Cruces in a blog post specifically about that, here. Upon arriving in Las Cruces, NM, we found a lovely Airbnb called the Alameda Projects that was promoted as an artist’s work-space and also a hostel. The price was insanely reasonable, which actually caused us a bit of trepidation but the reviews were great and the host was top-rated. That’s one of the best things about Airbnb, there is a element of accountability thanks to hosts and guests reviewing each other post-stay.

We had no buyer’s remorse for our booking. The space was huge, including our private bedroom area and there were several amenities including a keurig coffee machine and on site laundry. Derrick, the host, had several of his personal works and some pieces for future projects on display throughout the hostel, all which was contained within a giant aluminum aircraft hanger that had been modified into the hostel.

I would highly recommend Airbnb as an affordable option for lodging when you are exploring the world. Its also a great way to have unique experiences and meet cool people. Sometimes the places you’ll stay will be the most interesting part of your trip. This was certainly one of the highlights of ours. Use the link below to sign up for Airbnb and we can share in some mutual savings!


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