The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston

I am the sort of traveler that always has a carry-on full of books. I trade them out for different ones all the time whether I have read all of the previous ones or not. I am a bibliophile to an extreme degree and always manage to pick up volumes of books wherever I go. I either pack or mail them back home where I own a bookstore ( I do but it’s mainly an excuse for my intense fascination and love of books ).

During this wonderful train ride across the states I dug to the bottom of my bag to find this travel/history book. The Lost City of the Monkey God is an adventure into the unknown Honduran Rainforest to find lost civilizations. I found the novel quite interesting with its history and modern day adventure mixed in that creates a very lovely read.

The novel makes you think about some things we tend to forget about when we travel such as: preserving ancient places and not trying to take them back with us, catching travel bugs or diseases, and making sure we honor the cultures we visit. I believe these few tips are ones we don’t think to much of but make a huge impact if everyone ignores them.