Rucksack Ledger

Two boys straight outta Dixie and into the world

Rucksack Ledger

Two boys straight outta Dixie and into the world

Taking on the world, one location at a time

Hey, y’all! That’s Spencer on the left and me, Jason, to the right. We are two guys beginning a global nomad-ing journey. Our adventure won’t just be about travelling, but also working abroad and trying to finance our travel.

We are excited to share with you the our story as it unfolds – the good, the bad, and whatever else we may discover. Be sure to follow us – the buttons on the right will take you to our various socials.

The Story so Far...

Spencer and I are home for the holidays at our respective families’ homesteads, here in the ‘Heart of Dixie.’ We’ll be taking some much-needed time off from traveling to rest up and visit with our loved ones.

We both would like to wish you happy holidays and hopefully you’ll be taking some much needed time to visit with your loved ones.

And, don’t worry, more time away from traveling means more time to actually sit down and write, edit and create content for all of you.

So, expect to see some exciting new articles coming soon…

Mobile the Beautiful

“Your hometown is like a part of your family. Maybe its the crazy, wild aunt who is fun but parties a wee bit too much or it could be that grandparent who may be a little boring but has the coolest stories. There are things about them that you love about each one of them, and a few things that are harder to find as endearing. Well, maybe I’m being presumptuous about your feelings, but I definitely love my hometown.”

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Top 10 Off-Beat Portland Sights

“Portland is an off-beat kinda place, even having long echoed the unofficial city mantra “Keep Portland Weird.” In honor of the city’s “weird” spirit, we present for your consideration Portland’s Top 10 Off-Beat Sights. These are the locations and attractions that are representative of the glorious weirdness that, to me, is part of the essence of this unique city. If you happen to be a bit off-beat yourself, wanna see Portland in all its finest oddity or if you’ve simply already plumbed all the more standard fare, consider checking out these sights for something a bit… different.”

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Amtrak Train Ride: A Review

“I won’t tell you to skip out on taking an Amtrak train ride, in fact, if you’ve always wanted to, I highly encourage that you do so, but I will recommend that you start out with a shorter trip – just a day or two. My perception of the experience was definitely different due to the extended length of our particular transit. Try doing a section just from east, west or southern coast to Chicago or vice versa and find out for yourself what you think of the experience!”

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Countdown to Chiang Mai

We’re taking this dog and pony show global, with a trip to the digi-nomad capital of the world, Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Thailand is called the “land of smiles” and many claim that you’d be hard-pressed to find a more hospitable place for foreigners. Sounds like a place two southern boys would fit right in, eh?

Thailand is also known as a very cost-effective place for digital nomads. With a fraction of the costs of food and lodging in places like the U.S. or Europe, many places in this part of the world offer a rare opportunity for start-ups and entrepreneurs to kick start their ventures and also see some amazing sites.

We plan to hit Angkor Wat, possible take in a few days in Bangkok and Phuket, and find some cobras to eat… yeh.

You can follow the countdown below for an up to the second update on how close we are getting. Think of us profusely sweating, procrastinating then working crazy hard and eventually catching an 18-hour flight.